Simple SEO tips that will improve your ranking on Google

SEO Tips

SEO as an expression is certainly familiar to most people. It is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and is about various techniques used to improve the ranking of search engines like Google. You do not need to be an expert to improve your chances of getting your articles to rank better. In most cases, it’s about remembering a few simple things when writing an article. Here you can find a more detailed explanation on the following SEO suggestions.

Invest in good content

Most people who write an article have an idea of ​​what good content is and of course aim to write as interesting a text as possible. Regardless of what you consider to be good quality, however, it is not certain that Google will agree. Especially when it comes to fact-based articles, Google checks a lot on how well-founded these are and whether you have used relevant sources for your material. Therefore, it is a good idea to always link to relevant sources as you draw inspiration from your articles. This is not only for your readers, but also to signal to Google that you did your research when writing an article.

Remember alt tags in photos

A common mistake that many new bloggers make is forgetting to include alt tags in photos. In practice, this will make many of the images you upload to your posts invisible in Google image search. By including alt tags, you will increase the likelihood of appearing within relevant keywords when people search for images. Use the text that describes the images you upload and you will see that you get more than finding your site via Google Images.

Do proper Keyword Research

Writing SEO-optimized texts is very much about doing a thorough research before you start. The work you do to find the right keywords is rarely wasted because through this you can also get good ideas for what to write about.

Use various tools like Ahrefs to check the volume of keywords you are interested in using. The keywords with a large number of searches often also have a lot of competition, while the keywords with a small number of searches generally have lower competition. If you are a small player with a limited budget, you often do better in targeting keywords where the volume may not be that large, but where you see potential.

Check out what people are looking for

An excellent way to see what people are actually searching for within an interesting keyword is to e.g. use Here you see longer keywords people have used in recent days. You can use this information to get ideas for what to write about in your article.

Use the correct title and url

There is a lot you can do even when it comes to SEO-optimizing your title and the url you use. A common mistake that many people make is to use a url (URL) that is too specific. Do not use year in a web address if you aim to keep the article relevant for several years.

Use WordPress extensions such as Yoast SEO. There you can add both Meta title, description and url. In the meta title and description, you can be as specific as you want, but the web address needs to be kept more general and generic. Remember that the article must be re-indexed if you change the URL. So it’s like writing a brand new article again. If you have kept the URL more generally, you can go in and change the article as much as you want afterwards. Google will also like you for keeping your articles up to date!

Keep it simple

These are just a few simple tips you can use to SEO optimize the content of your website. Among bloggers, it is a common mistake to think that it is the amount of articles that is crucial. That there need to be new articles every day to be interesting.

Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis. Both your readers and Google will appreciate it!