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Our goal is to develop your business through unique digital solutions to your concepts. Our marketing agency will add value to your investment.

Digital Marketing Services


Web development

Building or maintain web shops. We provide tailored solutions.


Search engines

SEO & SEM with careful audience selection.

Sociala media

Social networks

Content creation, data analysis and advertising.

Advertising Agency For Your Business

Read more about our topics and work below or on our digital marketing blog. You can also find us on all social networks and see our Instagram feed, our Facebook network and our LinkedIn network. Our marketing agency specializes in search engine marketing. But we are also very skilled in social media advertising and cross-channel campaigns to reach the right audience.

Digitala lösningar för sociala media

Social media​​

Social platforms dominate the marketing industry. It is a creative space to effectively target young and new consumers.


Web development

Every business should have an online presence. We can help you build all kinds of websites and web applications to manage your marketing.



We strongly emphasise returns as our primary objective. The main objective of marketing and our partners is to get the return on investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing

What type of marketing do you specialise in?

We are a marketing agency working with digital development. Our main expertise is in web infrastructures such as website or even web application development, website optimization for search engines, paid ads on search engines and paid ads on social media. We strive to build campaigns that use the most effective communication tools on the internet. This is achieved by leveraging different means for each business.
Read more about our services in the top menu.

What is your pricing model for your services?

We offer a free consultation where we discuss with our clients which marketing strategies can be implemented. The first step is to establish a common ground with our clients and understand their needs. We then agree on the requirements, budget and scope of services that the client needs. Our model is based on hourly rates. The key values that determine the price are the type of service required and the time our employees have put in to make it happen.

What is your expertise and experience in marketing?

We have been working with local entrepreneurs to develop and maintain their online presence. We have the right people with accredited knowledge from world-recognised institutions and extensive experience. Our focus is to continue to expand and build new relationships with new clients regionally as well as in other communities or even other countries.
We believe that even in business, the most important thing is people. We strive to be the best friend for you and your business.

How do you measure the success of your marketing campaign?

We focus mostly on the return on investment of our campaign. The main objective of any given marketing campaign is to achieve conversion. Of course, building and improving customer awareness is a driving factor, but the ultimate goal is to achieve conversions. Therefore, we believe that the most effective measure of a marketing campaign is the return on investment.
It goes without saying that this is achieved by taking into account the right metrics and developing campaigns as much as possible to minimise expenditure and improve profits.

Who is responsible for creating the content your agency provides?

We have the right people in the company to do the best research you can ask for. In times of high pressure, we may outsource some tasks, but the research is always done in-house by our employees. We provide them with all the research and ask them to tailor the content according to predetermined criteria.

Do you have a portfolio or examples of past campaigns or client work?

You can see some of our our work on Instagram. There you can see some visual examples of our graphic design and aesthetic ambitions. For more examples of our work for clients, you’ll need to contact us directly or schedule a meeting with one of our representatives. As we have been involved in many different projects, we can only explain the depth of our involvement in person.

Ginx team

Our team

We support digital growth and presence. Our team employees experts in marketing communication, digital development, content creation, and many more skill experts.

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