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We aspire of being the agency with the best solutions in digital marketing. Our goal is to develop your company through unique strategies and concepts.

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About Ginx Media

We value our partners and the relationships we build. Our main purpose is to be the medium that will connect your company with the right customers. All partners are knowledgeable in business and marketing. Our goal is to develop innovative strategies for your online presence. We have a holistic understanding of digital environments and specialize in a variety of application methods.

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George Iskef

Specialized as a business strategist. His specialty is in marketing innovation, after his bachelor’s degree in “marketing and business innovation”.

George Iskef

George Iskef

Specialist in web development and digital marketing. George has a bachelor’s degree in new media design with a master’s degree in international business.

George Iskef

Specializes in search engines and social media. He is certified with references in drawing advertising for Facebook and Google ads and Google Analysis.

Why us?

We know that the customer expects results worth their time and money. We believe in what we do to be effective and we use methods that guarantee good results.

” Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Major marketers think in terms of growth frameworks.”

Neil Patel