Best practices for digital innovation and creativity

digital innovation

What is digital innovation?

The short answer is that innovation defines development, a new method of doing things better. However, do not mix innovation with invention. While invention is the creation of something new and previously unknown, innovation is the ability to discover something new and use them together with existing knowledge. Diffusion of innovation generally differs from person to person, as it represents information that is new to the individual. The reason why GINX media emphasizes the importance of innovation in the industry is this exact distinction that provides the opportunity for successful marketing communication.

How is digital innovation defined in disciplinary action?

The emergence of innovation can be seen and modeled as a process of iteration and repetitive testing. However, the basic characteristic that defines innovation in a given discipline is to improve certain product-based main concepts for a new idea. For example, innovative methods in web development should utilize the existing knowledge and experience of the person doing the job. But what makes his work innovative is meeting the task as a new challenge in his domain and doing the work based on a new set of values. The same applies to all disciplines. Innovative work emerges based on a unique value mix.

digital innovation

Innovation in graphic design: We find that the best methods for improving innovation in graphic design require a constant updating of new trends. Graphic communication is constantly changing and the feeling of “cool” for young people is dependent on such trends. Trends also apply to a lesser extent. for middle-aged people. But always remember to better go for conventional rather than something new that may or may not work. We cannot highlight it enough, but creating something subjectively good does not directly mean that the same message will be understood by others in the same way. Sometimes it is better to go for small changes that have a big impact (eg color combinations, fonts, etc.). In short, it is always best to follow the theory of graphic design religiously and try to be creative based on such drawings. Innovative methods will emerge as a result of simplicity and accuracy in developing good communication.

Innovation in web development: Web development is increasingly changing into creative and abstract patterns. And the same principles mentioned above would also apply to web development. User interaction should be straightforward and easy to achieve. The most important convention in web development is the customer journey. This is why web design should include ER charts, sitemaps, and site testing. We recommend that web design is primarily focused on such elements and that the graphical interface is in secondary focus.

Innovation in Targeted Advertising: This discipline is completely different from the previous two. Innovation in this area arises as a result of combining two main attributes. First, knowledge and experience of using suitable tools and knowing the tool boundaries. This directly means everything that the tool can do for you and its limitations. Second, social understanding and the ability to understand your customers. This is a very important ability that should be utilized in innovation and skill within the reach of the audience. Using human intelligence and social understanding, a marketer can set advertising filters, targets, and audiences that will be easily converted into sales.

Innovation in marketing strategies: The process of developing marketing campaigns should begin with stating the desired results. This will help you determine which advertising space and which methods are appropriate. In advance, the campaign may be a combination of methods, or it may require such a combination to measure results. GINX media recommends two main resources for developing an innovative campaign. First, you need to know as much as possible and use knowledge as a competitive advantage to stay ahead. Second, develop your campaign in a structured and detailed way by taking everything into account.

What are the best methods for digital innovation and creativity?

Digital innovation refers to the application of digital technology to existing business problems. Digital innovation should always be welcome when it is demonstrably developing business practices. There are cases where digital innovation is adopted early in the process. However, this is not something we would recommend for a company. In general, we recommend that you stay up to date and learn more about new strategies but only integrate them into your company when such strategies have proven to work. The following initiatives distinguish digital innovation in a clearer sense:

  • Develop a new technology strategy in an existing business context
  • Chooses to adopt and implement new software or platforms
  • Decides to develop from analog to digital processes